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ThorstenThorsten Lockert

Thorsten Lockert was responsible for building up the original site infrastructure and network at eBay Inc., the world's leading person-to-person online trading community. He also had a principal role on the company's architecture R&D team. Prior to that he worked for three years as the Director of Network Operations with TAL Wireless Networks in the Bay Area and for 12 years as a Software Engineer, System and Network Administrator in Norway. He also co-founded the leading online community in Norway. In his spare time, he works on maintaining and extending OpenBSD, a free multi-platform Unix operating system.

He also co-founded and worked with a Voice over IP startup in Norway, Voop AS. Before that he went sailing on his boat, the Blue Moon.

He has been married to Heather since June 2001, had a son in June 2002 and a daughter in September 2003.

Currently he works with the Tzec Maun Foundation, helping to provide free remote access to telescopes under dark skies for students and researches world wide.

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